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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Character Profile: Principal Arter

I've always liked Harrison Ford.  Frankly he looks like my dad and he's scary like my dad too. After watching his role in Cowboys and Aliens I knew he would make an ominous Principal Arter.  Read this short clip and imagine Harrison Ford saying the lines.  He fits so well!
Arter's face was invading my space. "You are going to regret your actions tonight." His droopy mouth sprayed spit on me.
"Well, so are you," I sprayed back.
He slapped my face.
I gasped.
"Get her up," he growled. Another hooded man grabbed my shoulders and hauled me to my feet.


  1. " Halli, I am your father," I sprayed spit on her from my droopy mouth.
    "It's time we gave up on our efforts to hide the obvious, and instead admited to ourselves that we are reptiles. Its in our DNA, there's nothing we can do about it except continue to spray spit whenever we talk".
    "No, No, No" she sprayed back at me. "Its not true, I won't let it be true!"
    "Then live forever in your cacoon of denial!" I exclaimed. "I have to get back to work!"

  2. It's spelled cocoon Mr. anonymous.


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