you can't save everyone in every reality

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Character Profile :\ Yusef

Dev Patil - potential actor to play the role of Yusef
Yusef Hassam.  Member of Halina's Brat Pack. computer hacker, courageous tag-along. slightly judgmental against authority. skrawny little brother, raver, classified desirable by the Over-Ride project.  reality shifter.

I enjoyed creating Yusef's character enough to give him a major role in the next Shifters novel.  In fact, the whole book is written in his point of view.  In Shifters 1 there are some major gaps where we don't know where Yusef goes.  He shifts into other realities "shopping" for a safe place from the Special Force.  In the next book we get to see where he went.

I want to hear from you.  Where do you think he should go?